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One of the first things family/caregivers notice among their aging or disabled loving ones is a decline in their personal care. Often they become more limited in their abilities to perform activities of daily living without help. It is at this stage that some outside assistance may be required. Bathing and grooming are essential parts of looking good as well as feeling good.

The purpose of bathing is to maintain the health and physical well being of the body. Bathing allows the cleansing of skin; removal of dead skin cells; the prevention of accumulation of foreign matter that can cause skin irritation or infections; removal of waste that can interfere with the normal functions of skin; and gives a refreshing revived feeling.

A Gallup study done in 1983 showed that using the tub/shower was one of sixteen problems associated with those over age 55yrs being able to take care of their personal care needs. " The National Center for Health Statistics states that 10% of adults over 65yrs old have difficulty bathing and 6% receive help."  Bathing for elderly and those with disabilities is more time consuming and can be hazardous for them.

Many times due to physical limitations or no one available to help out the elderly and disabled are not able to preform grooming needs such as shaving; oral care; shampooing hair; combing hair; or dressing in proper attire. We can help!


Light housekeeping/ Laundry:
Sometimes seniors and those with physical limitations may need a little help to keep their home tidy. Our in home caregivers assist with household chores so that your environment remain safe and clutter free. Listed below are some of the chore services we provide:
> sweeping/ mopping floors
                                    > disinfect sinks, tubs, and toilets
                                    > clean sanitize counter tops, cabinets, and appliances
                                    > vacuum carpets and rugs
                                    > wash, fold, and iron laundry
                                    > organize closets and drawers
                                    > fold linen and organize linen closets
                                    > dusting furniture
                                    > clean mirrors and windows within reach
                                    > organize books, magazines, and newspaper
                                    >  clean interior refrigerator and removed spoiled food
                                    > organize pantry and remove expired foods.
                                    > empty wastebaskets and take out trash

Meal preparation and planning:
Seniors may no longer be motivated to cook and for some due to physical limitations meal preparation can be challenging. Meal planning is arranged with the client or family member to be sure that meals are prepared to the client's liking.  The caregiver will be informed of any food allergies, special diets, or swallowing/ chewing problems prior to first day of service. Meal planning could also include preparing a grocery list and grocery shopping. Ensuring a proper diet will help you stay mentally sharp, emotionally balanced, energetic, and maintain a healthy immune system.

Transportation and Errands:
Transportation is one of the greatest needs of the elderly and disabled.  Unfortunately, due to changes in the body associated with aging driving and getting around can present a challenge. Public transportation is usually not an option and does not provide the flexibility needed. There are situations where family and friends may be working and cannot accompany their loved ones to do errands or Dr. appointments.
Social isolation is a problem often faced by elderly due to lack of transportation. Without the ability to get around to do business and interact with those in the community, they become isolated in the home removed and from a changing society.This can lead to depression and feelings of hopelessness. At Professional Health Service we can make arrangements  for you or your loved one to get their appointments, social events, or just to visit friends.

Medication Reminders:
Seniors take more prescription and over the counter medications than any other age group. Keeping track of medication schedules; understanding the dosage; remembering to take meds at a particular time; whether or not to take with or without food; what to do if a dose is missed; and recognizing side effects are some the reasons that can make managing daily medications complicated for them. Proper management of medications is vital to you or your family member's health. Although, the doctor and pharmacy should act as your primary resources they are not there to monitor if the medications are being taken as prescribed. In home care givers can be there to monitor and remind them of medication times, read the labels to make sure the meds are being taken properly, and watch for any adverse effects.

Life events such as death, aging,and retirement of spouses as well as friends can leave the feeling of loneliness. When siblings and friends are deceased or unable to come over for visits this can leave some individuals alone with no one to keep them company. After an initial consultation an in home caregiver can be matched according to your interest and provide companionship. Companionship can include many activities depending on the individual.  We can provide a caregiver to keep you company and do the things you like so that you remain active. Just having someone to have a conversation with keeps the brain active and helps with memory.

                                     We offer many other services at Professional Health Service.
                                     Our care plans are created to fit the needs of the individual.
                                     Trust us to meet all your needs.

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