About us

"There is no place like home."   Professional Health Service provides medical care and home care services you need right in your own home. We make you feel comfortable about the care you receive.


Professional Health Service LLC is a nurse owned and operated agency specializing in non-skilled home health care. Our mission is to provide therapeutic and wellness services to those  in the community and surrounding communities using a holistic approach.  We are confident that by educating our clients, caregivers, and family members, we will help them achieve their highest individual level of health and well being.



Our vision is to join with other health care providers and community agencies to provide access to  services that will promote healthy living among the sick, elderly, and disabled population. It is our goal to create opportunities that will assist these individuals in living independent lives, while minimizing risk of abuse, neglect, or placement into more restricted environments.

OUR PROMISE TO YOU:  A trusting hand you can depend on!

·          Deliverance of quality care

·          Professional, prompt, and courteous service

·          Respect of clients right to privacy

·          Strive for excellence

·          Treat each client with respect and dignity


And he commanded LOVE THY NEIGHBOR.....

Professional Health Service
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Proudly Serving all of Genesee County